International Education Connection & Solutions Inc.

About Us

iNECS (international Education Connection & Solutions Inc.) was founded in 2011 from our desire to offer Chinese students an educational experience that would prepare them to be a world citizen.

Our advanced Technology makes it possible to create a learning environment that mirrors an American classroom. We do this by installing video conferencing equipment where the teacher, located in the U.S. can teach students who are located in China. Our first class was held in November of 2014. Today there are about 3000 Chinese students and forty online classrooms in China.

We provide classes in ESL/ELL and academic subjects including Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and AP courses for students ages 6 to 18.

It is a wonderful opportunity for LIVE instruction, a chance for teachers to teach Chinese students and work nontraditional hours.

Our Philosophy

Return to The Original Classroom

Throughout our years of experience we’ve found that the classroom provides the best learning opportunity for students in China. Classroom teaching also provides our teachers with a structured and organized way to teach Chinese students.

Create New Opportunities

We are focused on bringing the American experience to our classrooms. Our technology allows us to do this very effectively. Teachers can either teach from the comfort of their own homes or from one of our sattelite offices.

Our People

Linda Nelson

Cheif Education Officer

Sean Zhang

Cheif Operations Officer

Kelly Ryan

Academic Director

Contact Us

If you are interested in our philosophy and wish to learn more, please contact us at